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Anatomical Chart (14)

  • Lymphatic System Chart 20"w X 26"h
  • Muscular System Chart 20"w X 26"h
  • Nervous System Chart 20"w X 26"h
  • Vascular System Chart 20"w X 26"h
  • Female Reproductive Chart
  • Male Reproductive Chart 20"w X 26"h
  • Hip & Knee Chart 26" X 20"
  • The Hand & Wrist Chart
  • Ligaments of the Joints Chart 20"x26"
  • Shoulder/Elbow Chart 20"w X 26"h
  • Vertebral Column Chart 20"w X 26"h
  • Understanding Arthritis Chart 20"X 26"h
  • Skeletal System Chart 20"w X 26"h
  • The Foot & Ankle Chart

Blood Drawing Chair (5)

  • Blood Drawing Chair Bariatric
  • Blood Drawing Chair W/Drawer By Brandt
  • Blood Dwg. Chair, Hydraulic, W/Drawers (H. 19"-26") by Brandt
  • Blood Drawing Chair With Drawer
  • Blood Drawing Chair W/Drawer By Brandt

Blood Pressure Monitor Systems (39)

  • Digital Manual Inflate Blood Pressure
  • Manual inflation Digital Blood Pressure Monitor
  • Digital Manual Inflate Blood Pressure Monitor
  • Auto Infl Digital Blood (I.Q.) Pressure W/Adult Cuff
  • Automatic Digital Blood Pressure Monitor
  • Automatic Digial Blood Pressure monitor With large Cuff
  • One-Steo Auto Inflation Blood Pressure
  • Automatic Inflation Blood Pressure Monitor With Wide Range Cuff
  • Auto Blood Pressure Monitor With Print-out
  • Auto Blood Pressure Monitor With IntelliSense & AC Adapter
  • Blood Pressure Monitor With Easy Wrap Cuf
  • Deluxe Intellisense Digital Blood Pressure Monitor
  • Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor
  • WristWatch Blood Pressure Monitor With IQ System
  • Wrist Digital Blood Pressure Monitor With IntelliSense
  • Wrist B.P. Monitor W/A.P.S. Omron
  • Wrist B.P. Monitor w/ Super Size Digital Display
  • Omron Wrist Digital BP Monitor With A.P.S., IntelliSense
  • Aneroid Cuff Sphygmomanometer
  • Aneroid Blood Pressure Kit W/Stethoscope
  • Self - Taking Manual Blood Pressure Kit
  • Blood Pressure/Sprague Combo Kit
  • Child's Character Aneroid Blood Pressure Garfield
  • Dura Shock Aneroid Adult Sphygmanomometer
  • WA/Tycos Hand Aneroid Blood Pressure
  • Aneroid Palm-Model Sphyg Adult
  • WA/Tycos Silver-Ring Hand Aneroid Blood Pressure
  • WA/Tycos Classic Pocket Aneroid Blood Pressure
  • Wall Aneroid w/Adult Cuff WA/Tycos
  • Blood Pressure Aneroid Model
  • Desk Model 300mmHg Blood Pressure
  • Baum Wall Unit # 33 Blood Pressure With Basket
  • Wall Model Blood Pressure with Basket
  • Professional Floor Model Mercurial BP Mobile
  • Baum Standby Floor Model W/Wheels Blood Pressure
  • Velcro Cuffs With Bladder & Two Tubes For Aneroid and Mercurial Blood pressure
  • Velcro Cuff With Bladder & two Tubes for For Digital Blood Pressure
  • Velcro Cuffs With Bladder & Two Tubes
  • Complete inflation system

Brushless Motor Systems (1)

Exam Table (2)

Folding Screens (2)

Footstool (2)

Infiltration Pump & Parts (0)

Infusion Stands (3)

Lavatory Products (1)

Medical Software (2)

  • TotalMD Medical Practice Software
  • TotalMD Interactive Training CDs

Microscope (3)

  • Binocular Microscope
  • Professional Monocular Microscope
  • Student Monocular Microscope Inclined w/Fluorescent Illum.

Narcotics Safes (2)

Physician Supplies (48)

  • Welch Allyn AM 232 Manual Audiometer with AC Power w/AC Power
  • 767 Wall Transformer
  • WA CompacSet 2.5V
  • WA PocketScope Set 2.5V
  • Ophthalmoscope Head- 3.5v Standard
  • 3.5v Coaxial Ophthalmoscope (Head Only)
  • PanOptic Ophthimoscope Heads
  • Penlite Otoscope Set
  • Inspectascope Home Otoscope
  • 3.5V Handle
  • MacroView Otoscope Heads
  • WA Lithium-Ion 3.5V Handle Rechargeable
  • Rechargeable battaries
  • Replacement Bulbs
  • AudioScope 3 Sceening Audiometer/Otoscope
  • Kenz EKG Single Chanel
  • Red Dot Electrode Bag of 50 6 cm. Diameter by CrystalMark Dental Systems, Inc.
  • Smooth Finish Table Paper
  • Unility Cart With Handle
  • 3-Shelf Utility Carts
  • Ultra-Violet Exam Lamp 800 watt
  • Black Light Bulb U.V. Woods Diagnostic Lamp
  • Combination Infra-Red & Ultra-Violet lamp
  • Infra-Red Lamp
  • X-Ray Illuminators
  • Step-On Steel Cans White Baked Epoxy
  • DisCide Ultra Disinfecting Towelettes (case of 12)
  • Staphene 16 Oz. Spray Can of 3
  • Citrus II Hospital germicidal deodorizing cleaner
  • Discide Disinfectant Spray 15.5 oz. 2 can
  • Filac Electronic Thermometer
  • Suretemp Plus Thermometer w/Oral Probe
  • Filac Fastemp Electronic Thermometer
  • FirstTemp Genius Model 3000A Thermometer
  • Thermoscan Professional Ear Thermometer (Pro-4000)
  • Nitrile Powder-Free & Latex-Free Exam Gloves 2 box of 100
  • Lab Gowns Disp Protective Apparel Small Case of 50
  • Cone Face Mask 3 packs of 50
  • Face Mask With Ear Loops 3 box of 50
  • High Particulate Respirator
  • Halogen Examination Light
  • Fluid Resistant Isolation Gown Case of 50
  • Sterile Latex Exam Gloves box of 100
  • Surgical Tie-On Face Mask 3 Box of 50
  • Sanicloth 'Plus' Classic Wipes 6" x 6.75" 3 tub of 160
  • N95 Mask & Respirator Box of 10
  • Sterile Water, U.S.P. Qty. 5 Bottles
  • Discide Germicidal Foaming Cleaner 3 x 20 oz. can

Pulse Oximeters (16)

  • Pulse0x 5500 Finger unit
  • Digit Finger Oximeter
  • Onyx Digital Finger Pulse Oximeter
  • Onyx ll All in One Fingertip Pulse Oximeter
  • PulseOx 7500 Wrist Pulse Oximeter
  • Wristox Pulse Oximeter With Memory
  • Hand-Held Pulse Oximeter
  • MiniCorr Digital Hand-Held Pulse Oximeter
  • FingerPrint Sleep Hand-Held Pulse Oximeter
  • Hand-Held Pulse Oximeter With Rechargeable Battery
  • FingerPrint Pulse Oximeter with Printer
  • PalmaSAT Hand-Held Pulse Oximeter
  • PalmSat 2500A Pulse Oximeter with Alaarms
  • Digital Hand-Held Pulse Oximeter
  • Avant Blood Pressure and Digital Pulse Oximeter
  • Spot Vitas Signs

Scales (4)

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