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Digital X-ray Sensors Software

HeartSine Samaritan

By HeartSine


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HeartSine Samaritan By HeartSine

List Price:               $1,295.00
Medical Oversight::



HeartSine Samaritan

HeartSine designed an AED that is extremely compact and only 2.4 lbs- the Samaritan® PAD! It guides even the most infrequent user throughout the rescue process using three icons and verbal instructions. It holds a IP56 certification provides impressive protection against solids (>1.0mm in diameter) and jetting water.
AED Legislation Update


Package includes:

  • 1 New HeartSine Samaritan PAD including a 7 year warranty
  • 1 Adult Pad-Pak™ Electrode/Battery Pack integrated unit
  • 1 Samaritan PAD Training CD
  • User Manual
  • Quick Use Card
  • FREE Samaritan PAD Carry Case
  • FREE SAVER EVO Software (insert download SAVER EVO here)
  • FREE AED First Responder Rescue Kit (CPR pocket mask, surgical prep razor, 2 antimicrobial wipes, 2 each 4? X 4 sterile gause pads, Para-Med scissors, 4 nitrile gloves, 2 absorbent towels, biohazard bag, all in a zippered pouch) ($35 value)
  • FREE AED Window Decal
  • FREE AED Inspection Tag
  • FREE Medical Prescription from state authorized physician ($30 value)
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Shipping information:

Most orders are shipped UPS, USPS, FedEx Ground or DHL from the merchant’s distribution center. You can expect orders to arrive within 7 to 10 business days.

All purchases are subject to extra freight-related charges if the order requires special delivery or contains hazardous contents. Products sold in bulk, case shipments, fragile items, and large or bulky equipment will likely incur additional shipping costs.

Larger items that do not qualify for parcel shipping will require freight delivery by a private trucking firm. You can expect freight orders to arrive within 2 to 6 weeks. Longer time frames are typically the result of factory configured and custom-built freight products.

Warranty Information:

HeartSine Technologies or the authorised distributor are not
obliged to carry out service/repairs under warranty if:
1. Unauthorized modifications have been made to the device.
2. Non-standard components are used.
3. The user has not used the device in accordance with the
indications for use or the instructions provided in this manual.
4. The serial number of the apparatus is removed, defaced,
misused or altered.
5. The device, electrodes or batteries are stored or used
operationally outside of environmental specifications.
6. Pad-Pak™ packaging is not returned.
Any claims made under warranty must be directed via your
dealer from whom the device was originally purchased. The
dealer, before carrying out service under warranty, requires
evidence of purchase.
The product must be used in accordance with the user manual
and for the purpose for which it was intended. If you have a
query please contact for assistance.

The HeartSine samaritan® PAD is an automatic external defibrillator
(AED) used for the fast delivery of defibrillation electric shock therapy
to resuscitate victims of sudden cardiac arrest (SCA).

Sudden cardiac arrest is a condition in which the heart suddenly
stops pumping effectively due to a malfunction of the heart's electrical
system. Often victims of SCA have no prior warning signs or
symptoms. SCA can also occur in people with previously diagnosed
heart conditions. Survival for an SCA victim depends on immediate
cardio-pulmonary resuscitation (CPR). The use of an external defibrillator
within the first few minutes of collapse can greatly improve
the patients' chances of survival. Heart attack and SCA are not the
same, though sometimes a heart attack can lead to a SCA. If you are
experiencing symptoms of a heart attack (pain, pressure, shortness
of breath, squeezing feeling in chest or elsewhere in the body) seek
emergency medical attention immediately.

The normal electrical rhythm by which the heart muscle contracts to
create blood flow around the body is known as Normal Sinus Rhythm
(NSR). Ventricular Fibrillation (VF) caused by chaotic electrical signals
in the heart is often the cause of SCA, but an electrical shock
can be administered to re-establish normal sinus rhythm. This treatment
is called defibrillation. The samaritan® PAD is a device designed
to automatically detect ventricular fibrillation (VF) and perform
defibrillation on victims of sudden cardiac arrest.

The electrical rhythm by which the heart muscle contracts can be
detected and used for medical diagnosis and the resulting reading is
called an Electrocardiogram (ECG). The PAD has been designed to
analyse a patients ECG in order to detect ventricular fibrillation (VF)
in the heart. If ventricular fibrillation (VF) is detected the samaritan®
PAD will deliver a carefully engineered electrical shock designed to
stop the chaotic electrical activity experienced within the heart
muscle during SCA. This may allow the victim's heart to return to a
normal sinus rhythm.

The samaritan® PAD is intended for use by those who have been
trained in its operation. It is highly recommended that any potential
user receives training in cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR),
emergency cardiovascular care (ECC) and/or the use of an AED
(specifically the use of the samaritan® PAD). Many training organizations
offer a course that combines CPR and defibrillator (CPR-D)
use. Course lengths and detail covered vary but most basic courses
can be completed in one day. For information on how to get training
contact your local authorised distributor or HeartSine Technologies

Items sold on may only be returned directly to the individual merchants. Click here to review our Return Policy. Our customer service team is always delighted to assist you in any way, so simply click on the customer service link at for inquiries, assistance, and merchant return center information.


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HeartSine Samaritan By HeartSine




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