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Digital X-ray Sensors Software

Cordless LED Curing Light

By Beyond™


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Cordless LED Curing Light By Beyond™

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Cordless LED Curing Light By Beyond

Innovative Treatment Solutions from BEYOND™
Recent advances in aesthetic dentistry have pushed the boundaries of treatment across the entire field. Unfortunately, not  all areas have advanced at the same pace, creating incompatibility issues in particular, the cosmetic restoration industry is the most affected by this, with LED curing light and composite material innovations moving in opposite directions. Fortunately BEYOND ™ has introduced a solution to this problem through our development of the BEYOND™  Cordless LED Curing Light.
A cordless, rechargeable device that can fit into a shirt pocket, the BEYOND™ Cordless LED Curing Light is the perfect combination of powerful, lightweight design and advanced LED technology has a wider range of wavelengths and curing speeds available for effectively curing ANY existing composite material.

 The Science Behind  Curing Composite Materials

Traditional light-cured dental restorative composites and materials use the chemical compound camphorquinone (CPQ or CQ) as an activator for polymerization. When CPQ is exposed to LED blue light with a longer, approximately 480nm (nanometers), wavelength, the material initiates the reaction that converts monomer molecules to polymers, resulting in the hardened composite material. Although CPQ is the most common restorative composite material in use, its noticeable yellowish color following curing has become an issue in today’s cosmetic dental industry.

Some of the newer composite materials that have been developed use the compound phenylpropanedion (PPD)  because it is more neutral in color when cured, However, PPD materials require shorter, approximately 400nm wavelengths of light to be cured effectively. Although curing light with halogen bulbs will activate PPD materials, these lights cannot emit the shorter wavelength light at a high enough intensity to cure PPD materials effectively

BEYOND™ Cordless LED Curing Light Specifications

The BEYOND™ Cordless LED Curing Light has been developed with a dual wavelengths curing system to enable effective curing of any  light initiated compound on the market today. By providing high-intensity LED curing at both the shorter 400nm wavelength range, as well as the longer 480nm wavelength range, the BEYOND™ Cordless LED Curing Light can cure both the traditional CPQ and the newer PPD materials at the necessary intensity. A beautiful designed, cordless curing solution,  the lightweight BEYOND™ Cordless LED Curing Light is priced attractively and is guaranteed to become a welcome addition to you practice.

BEYOND™ Cordless LED Curing Light System Features:

  • High-powered curing with a slimmed-down design
  • Curing power at 1000 mw/cm2
  • Dual wavelengths system able to cure ANY dental composite material
  • Two timer options: intense, 10 second curing function and five second, ramp-up followed by intense, 10 second curing function
  • Compatible  with PPD and CBQ photo-initiators
  • Cordless with a long lasting, rechargeable lithium-ion battery – more than 150 curing cycles on a single charge
  • Recharging base with charge-level display
  • Worldwide input voltage 100-260VAC
Package includes:
    • BEYOND™ Cordless LED Curing Light System
    • Rechargeable lithium-ion battery
    • Fiber light-transmission tube
    • Shorter wavelength-adapting lens for curing PPD composites
    • Resin curing test plate
    • Light Shield
    • Rubber o-ring for securing the fiber light-transmission tube
    • Charging base and power cord
    • Instruction manual and warranty card

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Warranty Information:

BEYOND™ Cordless LED Curing Light comes with a three-year manfucaturer's warranty, Please see warranty card included with system for more details.

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Cordless LED Curing Light By Beyond™




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