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Digital X-ray Sensors Software

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Digital X-ray Sensors Software

Dentimax Digital Sensor BUNDLES & additional Stand Alone sensors

By Dentimax


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Dentimax Digital Sensor BUNDLES & additional Stand Alone sensors By Dentimax

List Price:               $6,999.00

Extended Warranty & Training:



E2V Digital Sensor BUNDLES & additional Stand Alone sensors
Boxless Digital Sensors

Affectionately termed the Dream Sensor, the all-new DentiMax boxless sensors represent the latest in CMOS digital radiography, producing incredibly crystal-clear, film-like x-ray images. The sensors excel in every area, including: (1) Image Quality (2) Patient Comfort and (3) Hardware/Software Compatibility.

Image Quality

The quality of the images that are produced by the DentiMax CMOS sensors are the best in industry.
Patient Comfort

The DentiMax sensors' rounded corners and smooth edges make them the ideal sensor for patient comfort and patient compliance. Sensors are offered in adult and in youth sizes so as to provide the best fit for varying mouths. The adult size #2 sensor takes a large x-ray “footprint” while the youth size #1 sized sensor is the perfect fit for the smaller mouth. For dimensions and specifications, please see chart below:
Hardware/Software Compatibility

With the introduction of Microsoft Windows® 7, dental offices wishing to go digital are finding it increasingly difficult to purchase new computers that are compatible with digital x-ray sensors. Most digital sensors only work with older 32-bit technology and not with the latest 64-bit version of Windows® 7 - the version of Windows that comes preloaded on almost all new computers. DentiMax's new 64-bit compatible digital sensor fixes this dilemma, making it possible for dental offices to choose the latest in digital radiography and computer technology. In addition, DentiMax's imaging software bridges to virtually all practice management systems, including Dentrix®, Eaglesoft®, Softdent® and Easydental® - making the DentiMax sensor a “universal” sensor.
DentiMax Imaging System Requirements

These are the system requirements for your DentiMax imaging software and sensors. Please read thoroughly to ensure your practice's workstation and network configuration meet or exceed these requirements and recommendations.

Sensor Dimensions and Specifications

  Size 2 Sensor Size 2 Sensor
Actual Sensor Dimension 36.00 mm x 25.99 mm 24.35 mm x 36.73 mm
Sensor Thickness 5.41 mm 5.41 mm
Resolution 36.00 mm x 25.99 mm 19.95 mm x 30.02 mm
Pixel Size 19 Microns x 19 Microns 19 Microns x 19 Microns

  Size 2 Sensor Size 1 Sensor
Actual Sensor Dimensions 36.00 mm x 25.99 mm 24.35 mm x 36.73 mm
Sensor Thickness 5.41 mm
  5.41 mm
Resolution 36.00 mm x 25.99 mm 19.95 mm x 30.02 mm
Pixel Size 19 Microns x 19 Microns 19 Microns x 19 Microns

Sensor Comparison Matrix

DentiMax Digital sensors represent the latest technology in CMOS digital radiography, producing incredibly crystal-clear, film-like x-ray images. Compare our sensors to the leading sensors on the market and see why dentists are making DentiMax their sensor choice.

Sensor Name Sensor
Price Est
#1 Sensor
Price Est
#2 Sensor
Windows 7 Compatible Boxless Warranty
DentiMax CMOS $5499 $6499 Yes Yes 18 Month Manufacturer Warranty
5 Year Extended Warranty Available
DEXIS® CMOS $9,000 to $12,000
Single size sensor
approx size 1.5
No Yes 12 Months
Kodak® CMOS $9,965
Yes No
Box is built
into cord
3 Year Manufacturer Warranty
5 Year Extended Warranty Available
Schick® CMOS $9,700 $10,000
to $11,000
No No
Approx $3,200
for Box
3 Year Manufacturer Warranty
5 Year Extended Warranty Available
Information from this comparison matrix was gathered from the March 2010 comparison guide in Dentistry Today, Dental Seminars & Symposia LLC's Intraoral Dental Sensor Comparison Study at, phone interviews with the manufacturer's reps made between July 1 and August 10, 2010, and from the manufacturers' web sites. ® are registered trademarks of their respective owners

Package includes:

1 GH-20 IntraOral Camera
1 USB Cable
50 IntraOral Camera Sheaths
1 Software and Driver CD

Additional View:

Shipping information:

Most orders will be shipped via UPS, USPS, FedEx Ground or DHL from the Manufacturer's distribution center. You can expect orders to arrive within 7 to 10 business days.

Larger items that do not qualify for parcel shipping will require freight delivery by a private trucking firm (common carrier). You may e-mail us if you have more questions about shipping.

Warranty Information:

Extended Product Replacement Warranty
DentiMax LLC offers a prorated sensor replacement warranty for damaged or malfunctioning
sensors not covered under the limited 18-month manufacturer’s warranty. To secure coverage, at
the time of initial sensor purchase, customers must pay a one-time Eligibility Fee for each sensor
to be covered. The date of purchase on the customer invoice is the start date for the replacement
calculations. Each item covered will be replaced only once and a new Eligibility Fee will be
required to cover any replaced item. Upon request by the customer, during the initial 18-month
manufacturer’s warranty period, DentiMax LLC will provide a loaner sensor while the returned
damaged or malfunctioning sensor is inspected by the manufacturer.
The Eligibility Fee and Replacement Prices are as follows:
Eligibility Fee for Extended Product Replace Warranty
Size 2 Sensor Size 1 Sensor
$699 $499
Replacement Prices
Hardware Ownership Size 2 Sensor Size 1 Sensor
0 – 12 Months $1499 $1199
12 – 24 Months $1999 $1599
24 – 36 Months $2499 $1999
36 – 48 Months $2999 $2499
48 – 60 Months $3499 $2799
Warranty/Replacement Summary
DentiMax Sensors include an 18-month limited, manufacturer’s warranty. The Extended
Product Replacement Warranty supplements the manufacturer’s warranty by providing the
• Option to overnight loaner sensor to customer to accommodate for the period of time it
takes the manufacturer to inspect and/or repairs sensor(s).
• Five year schedule of reduced replacement pricing for damaged and/or malfunctioning

Direct Returns Only

Items sold on may only be returned directly to the individual merchants. Click here to review our Return Policy. Our customer service team is always delighted to assist you in any way, so simply click on the customer service link at for inquiries, assistance, and merchant return center information.

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Dentimax Digital Sensor BUNDLES & additional Stand Alone sensors By Dentimax




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